In 1996, the Web doubled in size three times! But in the words of the vaudeville singer, Al Jolson,"Brother, you ain't heard nuthin' yet!" In the coming months, new Internet technologies will make today's web design as old-fashioned as yesteryear's vaudeville song! The day of the Internet as a necessary tool in assisting business has dawned; and the shimmering light in the far off distance is not the reflection from the final nail in Willie Loehman's coffin, but are charged chemicals coming from Mr. Loehman's new laptop! The question for companies considering the Internet for business is not "When?" but "How?" How does one survive this marketing death and transfiguration profitably?

Meet MultiMedia Mania (MMMania), a start-up content provider with more than fifty years' experience in the entertainment industry. From recording Top Ten Hits, editing sound effects for TV and Film, to developing Trade Names and Media Campaigns for major advertisers, MMMania's experience has shown "If it's worth doing,it's worth doing right or not at all!"

A recent survey reported that over 90% of today's web owners are displeased with their sites. At MMMania, our design approach is quite different. Your web site is a movie -- an exciting story waiting to be told! We've chosen to be associated with artisans who have a "Mania" for "Doing it right!" -- Taking your idea and finessing that thought into a powerful concept with a professional story and image. Remember, the site you build today may be uplifted at a later date to accommodate your changing needs and new technology. If you begin your site with a solid foundation built on good production values, MMMania believes you're money ahead. It's not what you say, it's "The Way You Say It," "The Way You Sound It," and "The Way You Show It." And, here at MMMania, that's "THE WAY WE DO IT!"

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