Hayakawa (American philologist, educator and legislator) believed, if one was describing the color "red" to a friend, it would be best to take that friend down to a local fire station and personally point out a fire truck painted the color "red." Hayakawa thought this "show-and-tell" method would eliminate any possible confusion in the friend's mind as to the meaning of the color "red." Since words may represent different abstract symbols in people's minds, Hayakawa believed using more words would only cause the two acquaintances to climb an "endless ladder of abstract meanings and words," leaving the friend high up this abstract ladder confused and frustrated with words and meanings far removed from the description of the color "red."

At MultiMedia Mania, we explore climbing this "abstract ladder of the viewer's mind" when defining the color "red." We've named this process "Mind's Eye Picture Thought" (M.E.P.T.) - the fifth and interactive element of multimedia! Our goal at MMMania is to produce that image of "red" in one's mind through the creative use of text, graphics, audio and video data, hopefully ascending the viewer's conscious by tickling the creative and imaginative thought symbols of the viewer's subconscious! The purpose of this is not subliminal, but an effort to allow the image to be personal and therefore sustainable.

When conceptualizing a client's web site, MMMania begins with the fifth multimedia element. No matter if the client is a Family Florist or a Fortune 500 company, we must first understand the image that the client would like the viewer to have after visiting his website. Then we proceed with the four remaining multimedia elements, employing these elements in an interactive manner, hopefully producing a synergism of text, graphics, audio and video extending beyond the production elements of the customer's website. This is MultiMedia Mania's mission. This is our Mania!

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